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About Us

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Maite Valiño Borrego

International advisor to public and private organizations in the improvement and management of their processes and training programs for change management. Currently, she leads the Lareira Group, from which various technological-educational, financial, and engineering projects are developed. She is a member of WPO Spain Chapter and WA4STEAM (Association of Business Angels for Female STEAM Entrepreneurship Projects).

Valeria Rodríguez Codina

Recognized for her dedication to women’s entrepreneurship, Valeria has received prestigious awards including the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award (2021). She has been a mentor for initiatives like the IE Women Initiative and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Co-founder of Taste & Travel, traveling with local taste and social sense. With a vast entrepreneurial experience spanning Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, she chairs the Women Presidents Organization in Spain and is the European Growth and Engagement Manager at WEConnect International, connecting women-owned businesses with large organizations.