El Encuentro

Join us in this exclusive journey of authentic leadership and self-awareness

A transformative journey in a world without boundaries


Each destination is selected for its beauty or cultural significance, with a strong purpose of creating a positive impact on the local communities.


An invitation to reflect on your life path, from past experiences to current challenges, fostering a deep understanding and connection.


Deep emotions and memorable experiences that resonate long after the journey concludes.


A unique learning opportunity for personal growth.

They trust in us

"El Encuentro is the perfect opportunity for business leaders to disconnect, recharge, and discover the inspiration needed to elevate your leadership skills."

Valeria Rodríguez Codina

Who is it aimed at?

«El Encuentro» is tailored for executives seeking profound personal and professional development, committed to enhancing their leadership skills and fostering meaningful connections.

Participants share a common aspiration to explore their inner selves, cultivate genuine leadership qualities, and forge lasting bonds with like-minded individuals.

Ready for our first edition?

El Camino de Santiago by the Portuguese Coastal Way.

October 13th  – 20th , 2024.